We are currently unable to offer fundraising at this time due to labor shortages.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Frank Marchiano and his family take great pride in their commitment in aiding organizations with their fundraising endeavors. Marchiano’s Bakery Fundraisers are a great and profitable way to raise money for your organizations. Our groups have found much success incorporating our products into their fundraising portfolios, and have continued to have annual fundraisers with us. We will make it our priority to aid you in any way possible; and if you have an idea we haven’t offered, just ask and we will make it work!

Marchiano's Bakery Day

This is our most popular fundraiser; it’s a great one day fundraising event. We will work with the organization and set a date for the event to take place. The group will pre-sell products with simple order forms we provide for you. On the day of the event, the product is ready for you. We recommend you set the date at least 6 weeks in advance so you have enough time to advertise it (sending flyers home from school/practices, use of your group’s website/Facebook site, emailing family members, etc.). Most groups have found success with only selling a limited number of our products; however, if someone asks for a variety of our product you are not offering, we recommend you fill their request!

We offer our full line of products as part of fundraising. The most popular items are the specialty breads, as well as our Italian Tomato Pies. We also offer our new line of Mama Nunziata’s ‘Take and Bake’ pizzas made on our handmade pizza shells, which are available in different varieties.

Gift Certificate/Scrip Program

This is a fundraiser most parents are familiar with at their children’s schools and churches. We are proud to offer a 15% discount on our gift certificates for future use, with no expiration dates. Gift certificates are pre-purchased from Marchiano’s Bakery at a discounted rate, and then sold at full value to customers. For example, a $10.00 gift certificate is purchased for $8.50, with a profit of $1.50 to the organization; if ten people sell 10 certificates, it is a profit of $150.00 to the group. Many groups offer them as part of their “Marchiano’s Bakery Day,” while other groups keep the certificates on hand for sale anytime.

Want to set up a Fundraiser?

Have questions about how it works? Please contact Daneen at 215-483-8585. If you have an idea, please don’t hesitate to ask, we will make it work! We will happy to assist you and look forward to ensuring your event is a successful one!






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